¿Who we Are?

Our History

In 1989 God put in the hearts of a group of friends great concern for the children of our country. Specially for those suffering abuse and negligence at the hand of their parents or legal tutors. 

In 1990 a Board of Directors is organized and in that same year Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz is incorporated as a Non Profit Organization in Puerto Rico (Register number 21,016 of December 1990). In 1992, after several fund raising activities, a total of $20,000 was collected and used as down payment for the property. In April 1995 the facilities were inaugurated and immediately we began to shelter and render services to children from across the island, specially those from the Western part of Puerto Rico. 

Since its beginning we have served over 687 kids, most of them with very particular necessities, different health conditions, victims of domestic violence, abandonment and abuse.

Our Vision

The Institution's vision is to provide battered, abused, abandoned children and/or victims of domestic violence; with a home where their basic needs are met, offering them in the proper environment for the healthy development of their character.

  • The Board of Directors of Hogar de Niños Regazo de Paz has established the following as their Main Objectives:

  • Accept and shelter children from anywhere in the island, orphans, abandoned, or victims of domestic violence, without considering sex, race, color, origin, age, physical conditions and/or religion. The maximum capacity will be fifteen (15) children with ages ranging between 0 to 8 years.

  • Provide a home environment capable of responding to the urgent human priorities of the children, assuring them a secure place where all their basic needs are fully satisfied.

  • Facilitate the restoration of their individual, family and social values through good example, family coexistence and the participation in safe and healthy community activities.

  • Increase public awareness and knowledge through presentations, conferences and orientation sessions in different community forums, covering topics related to children and their well being.

there in Regazo, I learned what was to fall and be back on my feet again, cry for awhile to then dry my tears and continue, love without limits, dedicate time to what really is important, to fight for my dreams and goals, to laugh without stopping even if the situation ask otherwise. I learned that the term Family...
— Thairi Perez


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