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100% Compliance in Audits

  • Department of Justice - 4 Audits

  • Department of Family - Monthly Audits

  • External Accountants and CPA

  • To know more about our Financial Statements, make appointment by calling 787-882-3072.

How to donate

1. Paypal

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2. Godfather and Uncle Club

You can become an Uncle or Godfather of our kids with your donation:

Uncle: Monthly Donation From $1 to $19.

Godfather: Monthly Donation of $20 or more.

Donations can be 100% deduce from your Income Tax . Annually you will receive a ticket to use for your income tax application.

3. Direct Donations

To make your direct donation you can call 787-882-3072 and/or make a deposit to account 178867403 of Banco Popular de Puerto Rico.

4. Global Giving

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5. Voluntary Labor

Your voluntary work is very important to us. You can provide services, tutoring or any other in kind donation. Be part of our voluntary team by calling 787-882-3072

6. eBay

We are part of eBay Giving Works, if you are an eBay seller, now you can sell items and donate part of your earnings to our organization, list items on our behalf and/or make donations using our eBay website.