"For some, words are not more than sounds that emerge from a mouth, however, for others they represent the true meaning of life itself, its honor, its value as humans being. That why here I give my testimony.

Me, Thairi Perez, thought that i lost the most precious thing in my life when i was 6 years old, my parents. During that time God bless me, giving me the privilege to meet Hogar de Ninos Regazo de Paz Staff, day and night they provided me love, attention, education, and helped me heal every wound created by those which I called "family", "family" who decided to leave me at my will in the world. Hogar de Ninos Regazo de Paz for me was, is, and will keep being my Home where My Family resides, people who love me even more, knowing that I was just an orphan and was not related to them.

Regazo…there in Regazo, I learned what was to fall and be back on my feet again, cry for awhile to then dry my tears and continue, love without limits, dedicate time to what really is important, to fight for my dreams and goals, to laugh without stopping even if the situation ask otherwise. I learned that the term Family is not who has same DNA but those who demonstrate that DNA is only a term for laboratory.

WOW! Every day that passes i remember so many beautiful things, experiences that if I had to write them all, i couldn't finish.

Nowadays, I am a mother of two beautiful kids, wife, friend, and professional thanks to that dedication that they had with me. I love my children more than my own life and I really feel that in the same way i was loved. Today now that i am a mother i will give whatever it takes so that my children have that awesome childhood, full of precious things and love that i had. When my children ask me: "Mom where are my grandfathers?" I reply in Aguadilla!!!

To God i give thanks for Regazo and for the blessing he gave me by meeting them. Regazo is more than a home is family to the child that needs it." 


- Thairi